Thursday, September 28, 2017

Utah Trip Part 2

You're reading part 2(!) of the photo dump from six months ago.  It's tempting to just forget it, but THESE PLACES WERE SO BEAUTIFUL AND WE LOVE OUR FAMILIES!!!!!  So six months late it is :)

Bryce Canyon

So so pretty!!!!!!

Babe.  I love this picture.

Sometimes I try to remember what we talk about when we hike.  And I honestly can't remember right now.  Oh wait.  I just remembered.  WE talked about the secularization of universitites and how some professors try to prove God isn't real.

But dude.  He is!  Look at this nice tree.

And this nice bridge.  

Cute Thatchers again.  Celeb couple

Don't drop her don't drop her don't drop her don't drop her

We stopped at a couple family history places.  I'll have to go back and edit this but I think this was some great grandfather's water wheel.  Which is pretty cool

Then we went up to Cache Valley.  UGHGHHGHGHG YOU GUYSS.  I LOVE IT THERE SO, SO, SO, SO MUCH.

Because Kennedy is an animal obsessed little babe, we went to a farming store to see all the spring baby animals.

BUT WE COULDN'T TOUCH THEM.  I was tempted to buy one for a couple bucks, take it outside to play, and then give it back.  But we didn't. 

I loved the tulips and then when I got this picture, I felt like I looked like a sister missionary.  Which isn't bad. 

Tulips are nice.

Cuttttte.  Grandma reading.  How many books has my mom read aloud in her life?

Utah Trip Part One

So back in APRIL (It's almost October---I got really behind! I never posted these cute pictures) we went to Utah!!!  It was the perfect trip and we had so much fun.


It's such a challenge to keep toddlers busy and happy on airplanes.  we did some letter finding together.

And some Daniel Tiger

Look at the beautiful mountains!

Breakfast with Derek's bestie Andy

My family picked us up at Derek's parent's house and we drove to Southern Utah

Not planned, but totally matchy

Cuuuuuute.  Even cuter now that she's about 6 months older and bigger.

It's funny the things you care about and how they change over time.  I remember really wanting to get this picture of Kennedy because it was a new shirt and I just thought the lemon on it was so cute.  So I wanted a picture.  Now I'm laughing --because it's cute, but I definitely didn't need to worry so much. 

I LOVE this picture of us.  I was so happy hiking together.

cute Thatcher family.  (Jennie's my sister for any newcomers--hahaha.  Laughing because I think it's a couple friends and my mom still who read this soooooo you all know who Jennie is. Thanks for reading guys hahaha)

My cute parents.