Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Washington D.C. Best weekend evaaaah!

We took the long way so we could avoid some tolls.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.  Guys, it was so pretty.  Rolling hills of farmland .

We stopped at Chick-Fil-A in Maryland and oh you guys!!!  This is such a happy place.  First of all it's Chick-fil-A so it's happy. But being a little further south, people just smile more.  It felt like being home again.  #CFAadvertisement #jk #pleasepayusanyway

We arrived in D.C. and oohhhhh it was so beautiful!  All the trees were blossoming and seriously so pretty.


We started out at the zoo.  It was so crowded! (A little too crowded--it was hard to see the few animals that weren't napping.) but we loved it.

Meeting some cousins.

Ok.  Gorillas run so quickly.  It's crazy.


A funny looking fish.

she was into the fish.

Watching the tropical birds

After the zoo it was time for dinner!  We went to We the Pizza.  YUM.  

This is a total bang for your buck place.  Such yummy pizza and not a bad price.  Also, Kennedy is officially to where she can eat a piece all by herself.  It's pretty impressive.

"We the Pizza"

We started wandering toward the Capitol as the sun was setting.  I'VE FORGOTTEN HOW PERFECT SPRING/SUMMER NIGHTS ARE!  Everything smells perfect and it's just magical.  Also I think my eyes are closed in this picture.  (Also perfect.)

Washington Monument against the sunset

Kennedy takes the Capitol

This picture wasn't staged--she was just OBSESSED with the curbs and steps.  And while everyone was on the western side of the building, we the back all to ourselves!



Sunset and all.  This was one of my favorite moments of the whole trip.  Kennedy loved going up and down the stairs and ramp, and while she played we just enjoyed the beautiful night.  It was perfect.
We didn't bring a pack n play and it was gonna be $15 to use a crib in the hotel. Dumb.  So Derek was smart and pushed the two chairs together for the perfect bed for Kennedy!

Good thing too, because she's come into our bed twice this week with teething pain.  (One morning she ended up where our pillows go and I was at the foot of the bed.  Fun.)

I love these books on front of this building!
The yummiest breakfast burritos.

We walked over to the Botanic Garden and stopped at some tulips on the way

This girl got lots of "awwws" and "sh'es so cute!"'s.

We LOVED the gardens.  Each room had a different temperature, humidity level, and all sorts of plant varieties there.  It reconfirmed my plant lady dreams.

Derek really liked these ones.

To remember later for my dream garden.  I loved this plant and the archway they grew it into.


Next up, the Museum of Natural History!  And a very thirsty giraffe.

How weird would it be if all babies grew like marsupials.  

A much needed popsicle after the museum.  It lifted everybody's spirits.  

Kennedy slept and we took the lonnnng walk over to this little guy.

Handsome dude there.

WWII monument

So pretty!  Also, if you look hard you can see the row of 50 portapotties behind me.

Taking in the sights and sounds of D.C.

I love Abe Lincoln.

The long walk along the river back to our hotel allowed us to see Mr. Jefferson's memorial.

Such perfect blossoms everywhere!

Throwback to the museum.  Remember that?   Yes, I think I'll leave this picture out of order to amuse those actually reading.
As you drive through Rock Creek park all of the sudden BOOM there it is!  Possibly the prettiest temple ever.

I love this one.

Family is forever :)

We drove home and attempted to stop in Gettysburg on the way.  Annnnd then Kennedy was DONE DONE DONE. So we found a Wendy's as quick as we could and drove the long drive home :)

We had such a great time making new memories together.  Derek kept making me laugh and Kennedy kept being cute.  I love our family!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bedtime Routine

Photo Dump

Some days Kennedy just seems especially cute and I take a lot of pictures of her.  This was back in February when it was warmer.  Since then (as you'll see in later pictures) we've had WAY TOO MUCH SNOW.

Eating her strawberry

I took a cake decorating class.  A cute friend from church named Alisa teaches and so my friend Amber and I decided to go.  It was super fun!  I'll have to go to another and learn more.  Here are the rosettes I made.  Not bad! 

the flower is cute...

Look at my pretty seashells!

And now I just really want Kennedy to have a Barbie cake so I can make a pretty skirt.

Holy cannoli!  From our trip to NYC.  I told Derek i had never had a cannoli and he decided to fix that.  You know what? Not that good!  Fine, but not that good.  But now Kennedy has had a cannoli too :)  It was a great trip though.  Lots of walking and lots of awesome things to see!  

Kids just loving the fancy seats in Amber and Renata's theater room

Just cute.

I can't get enough of how cute she is.  Like, I know.  It's a toilet picture.  But she's just so cute about it!  We're not really there yet.  But it's fun to practice and have it be a place she's not scared of :)

Run like the wind, Bullseye!

I love getting ready for church on Sunday. Kennedy always looks so beautiful, I get to try a little harder than usual, and Derek always looks handsome. 

The snow came.  It's hard to see, but our doors were covered in a couple feet of snow.


ON St. Patrick's day the library had Kurt Gallagher come and sing kid songs.  Ok. SO MUCH FUN.  I was obsessed.  Such a fun little concert.  

Renata and Thommas joined us.

Kennedy decided to wear a swim suit bottom on her head.  If it wasn't Sunday I might have let her wear it all day.  We changed to a dress after this.

Daniel Tiger is the best.  Also, she is just so cute.  I love her posture and her frame and anyway.  SHe's just really cute right now.

A few fun things:
Kennedy is obsessed with teh wheels on the bus.
Kennedy likes to do everything by herself.  It's pretty hilarious how upuset she can get from me opening a cupboard she wanted to open.  Honestly, I kind of love it.  I know I was fiercely independent as a kid and it's fun to see the resemblance.  Plus, we came to earth to get bodies and grow and become able to do things, so it's fun to see her learning so much
Kennedy is soooooo good at sharing.  I had a starburst the other day and gave her one, and she took the one I was about to eat.  I told her it was mine and that she had another one and she gave it back to me!  So nice.  Later that day, she was eating an orange and I asked for a piece and she gave me the one she almost had in her mouth (which I told her she should finish and that I'd take another.)  But she just gets to excited to share!  For now :)
When we say "scripture time!' she runs over to the bookshelf and grabs the scriptures.  (actually, usually the Spanish set and Jesus the Christ.  but still.)
Kennedy loves "feeding" her stuffed animals and even animals in books water from her sippy cup.  When she's inconsolable in the middle of the night this has helped her to calm down.
Kennedy loves to say "Oh boy!!" and "Bobbie" lately.  It's hilarious.